Architects, consultants, and other specifiers choose Duro-Last because our prefabricated roofing system has technology built-in – manufacturing science that ensures a perfect rooftop fit.

Our approach provides seamless integration between the architect, the contractor, and Duro-Last – the manufacturer. We take each roofing design that you create, and turn it into a complete system, manufactured to your specifications, including all components and details. We then deliver the entire single-ply roofing system to the job site for final installation Pills by an authorized Duro-Last contractor.

We provide peace of mind to architects Purchase and building owners alike. Here’s why.

  • Leak problems usually stem from installation errors – not surprising, considering how challenging the rooftop environment can be, and the amount of hands-on labor a typical roof installation requires. Duro-Last factory prefabrication reduces the amount of field welding that contractors must perform on the rooftop by 80-85%, significantly reducing the likelihood of leaks developing in the future.
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  • Duro-Last sells complete roofing systems directly to contractors, with all components, accessories and details included. And because we provide a complete system, it’s covered edge-to-edge by our industry leading warranty.
  • Duro-Last protects commercial and industrial buildings with our comprehensive 15-year No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty that is transferable, has no exclusions for ponding water, and provides coverage against consequential damages that result from defects in the Duro-Last material and/or installation workmanship. Duro-Last also has 20-year warranties available.

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